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Elastic, Secure and Resilient Containers, VMs and Bare Metal

Triton Compute is an open-source virtualization and container platform that allows management of virtual machines, containers, storage, and network configurations all from a single, integrated environment.
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A Unified Approach to VMs and Containers

Triton combines the power of containers and virtual machines into one easy-to-use platform. It offers user and operator portals, powerful APIs, and built-in features such as monitoring, networking, storage, and security to ensure optimal performance.

Simple, Efficient, Unified

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Support Options

We offer support from experienced engineers in a range of areas, including architecture and developer support, as well as specialized operations and production support. Our support team is equipped to handle a wide range of issues.

Microservices Support


Container Support

Cloud Support

Triton Compute

Triton Compute powers some of the world’s largest cloud consumers, enabling them to save money and regain control of their data and services

Improve Operator Efficiency

When one of the world’s largest retailers began building out its mobile commerce platform, they turned to Triton Compute and a self-managed private cloud. Read More

Cut Compute Costs by 80%

When one of the world's most recognizable fashion retailers wanted to reduce the cost of their VMware-based private cloud and improve their development velocity, they turned to Triton Compute and a self-managed private cloud, augmented by Triton Public Cloud services. Read More

Experience Triton Compute
powered by SmartOS

Triton SmartOS is the engine that powers the Triton Compute and Triton Object Storage.