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Why Triton for Object Storage?

Simple and Developer Friendly

Triton Object Storage is simple for developers familiar with Unix. Interact with a simple CLI and API, without the need to calculate object number or size.


Robust security is built-in, including object level security and access, deep role based access control, and data encryption.

Durable & Scalable

Proven at production scale, Triton Object Storage delivers replication, clustering, failover, backup,. and recovery capabilities.

What Capabilities Does Triton Object Storage Provide?


Direct access to perform CRUD operations, search & transform using REST API supporting JSON. All REST APIs are modeled as streams for memory optimization.

Granular, Replicated, Distributed

Distributed and highly scalable, clustered object store with object level granularity. Replication across multiple data centers with per object replication controls.

Unlimited Objects, No Size Limits

No restrictions placed on the type, size, or number of objects that can be stored. Linear scalability with infrastructure provisioned.

Read after Write Consistency

Read after Write consistency protects against data corruption due to loss or disconnection of filesystems or mounted hardware disks.

Unix-like Interface

Triton Object Storage provides a Unix filesystem-like interface (directories, objects and links). CLI commands (e.g. mput for put, or mfind for find, mlist for list...) for developers familiar with Unix.


By default, data is dual replicated and placed in separate data centers. ZFS RAID-Z stores your objects for higher durability. Data is erasure encoded across distributed disks.