Managed Hardware Cloud

From on-demand bare metal to yearly pricing, managed hardware cloud allows you to operate your Triton cloud and control your data and costs.

A Game Changer


Lower cost than traditional public cloud for large scale and predictable infrastructure requirements (e.g. cloud storage and accelerated computing).


Allows an organization to take back ownership of their data and fine tune the performance, security and end user experience of their infrastructure.


Predictable consumption model with public cloud flexibility dedicated to a particular organization, located where they need them, and fine tuned to meet their needs.


Object Storage


Install a user ready self-service cloud in days or hours, not months.

Single tenant security puts you in control over path and maintenance schedules.

Per hour, month, or year hosting options allow flexibility to scale and optimize capacity as needed.

Offload network and hardware management to provider while you operate your cloud and applications.

New capacity ready to provision in minutes, instead of weeks or months.

Take back control over regulatory or geographic requirements.

Tailor software, networks, tools and usage limits for your end user requirements, allowing application owner self-service autonomy

Support VM and Container based applications behind a single control plane: API or GUI

Extend and connect Private cloud to existing workloads or external clouds.

The Best of All Worlds

A Multi-Cloud Strategy

Triton Managed Hardware Cloud can be part of an overall strategy that incorporates public clouds, including AWS, Azure, and GCP.

An image that conveys Triton's place in the cloud ecosystem