Converged Container and Virtual Machine Hypervisor


Triton SmartOS combines the capabilities you get from a lightweight container OS, optimized to deliver containers, with the robust security, networking and storage capabilities you’ve come to expect and depend on from a hardware hypervisor.

Triton SmartOS Container OS Hardware Hypervisor
VM hypervisor Full Support No Support Full Support
Lightweight container host Full Support Full Support No Support
Instance types Containers & VMs Containers VMs
Multi-tenant secure Full Support No Support Full Support
Built-in networking Full Support No Support Full Support
Built-in storage Full Support No Support Full Support
Bare metal performance Yes, containers run secure on bare metal No, Containers run on VMs for security No Support
Open Source Full Support Full Support No Support

Key Features of Triton SmartOS

Secure containers Full isolation per container in a multi-tenant environment

Triton SmartOS leverages Zones, a hardened container runtime environment that does not depend upon VM hosts for security. Patented resource protections insulate containers and ensure that each container gets its fair share of I/O.

Secure containers

Built-in networking Each Triton container has its own unique IP address

Triton SmartOS eliminates the complexities associated with VM host dependent solutions. Built-in networking offers each container one or more network interfaces, so each container has a full IP stack and is a full peer on the network, eliminating port conflicts and making network management easy.

Built-in networking

Built-in storage Secure, isolated, resizable filesystems for each container

Triton SmartOS leverages ZFS to free container storage from VM host dependencies. ZFS storage virtualization makes secure storage management easy, while maximizing performance. ZFS’ flexible provisioning, copy-on-write, and data integrity checking are an ideal match for containers, while advanced caching techniques make even spinning disks perform as fast as SSDs.

Built-in storage

Bare metal performance The speed of bare metal performance + the flexibility of virtualization

By eliminating layers of virtualization and running containers directly on bare metal, applications enjoy the highest possible performance. And, because you are running on OS virtualized containers, you can easily scale your applications and infrastructure up and down.

Bare metal performance

Experience Triton SmartOS

Triton SmartOS is the engine that powers the Triton Compute Service and Triton DataCenter.

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