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The Universal Debugger for Live Production

A flame graph showing various performance issues
Visual Breakdown of Transaction Hotspots
Getting Started

Why DTrace?

Reduce MTTR (mean time to resolution) for production

Prevent most production issues going unresolved or taking forever to resolve.

Debug in live production with negligible overhead to quickly determine root cause

Unified visibility into both the application and system kernel

Diagnose problems which cannot be replicated in lower environments

Don’t waste cycles trying to replicate issues in lower environments.

Resolve problems which only happen under production load

Login into live data objects to detect state

Prevent issues from making it to production

Analyze code early to capture potential performance bottlenecks

Run anywhere locally (in test) or on production cloud for similar analysis

Multiple language and OS support accelerating time to value

What Capabilities Does it Provide?

Deep application transaction tracing

Memory leak diagnosis

Core dump analysis

Keep kernel transaction tracing

Production debugging with negligible overhead

Login into & debug objects

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