Wanelo and Joyent Fireside at Cloud Beat

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In this Cloud Beat fireside chat, Konstantin Gredeskoul, CTO of Wanelo, and Bryan Cantrill, Joyent's SVP of Engineering, discuss a use case of Joyent's Manta, our new Compute and Storage Service. Konstantin describes how they outgrew their traditional logging database when they scaled to millions of users. Joyent Manta allows Wanelo to extract insights from their user logs more quickly and with less work than other solutions. With no re-training of their engineering staff, Wanelo was able to create analytic scripts that run across GB’s of data in record time. Bryan talks about the motivations for and design of Manta and how it leverages the familiar generic computation pipeline model, but at Big Data scale. Underneath Manta's elegant interface are powerful enterprise-grade technologies that are open-source. For Manta, the two premier ones discussed by Bryan are the enterprise-grade open source filesystem and a very lightweight virtualization technology. Watch the video to learn more.

With moderator Ed Saipetch of Saavis.

Post written by Ben Wen