Introducing pkgsrc-2023Q4

The world of package management is constantly evolving, and the latest update from pkgsrc is a testament to this continuous innovation. With the release of pkgsrc-2023Q4, the already extensive capabilities of this package management system have been significantly enhanced. Let's delve into the updates and features that make pkgsrc-2023Q4 an exciting release for users on Linux, macOS, NetBSD and SmartOS.

What's New in pkgsrc-2023Q4?This release isn't just about adding more packages; it's about refining the system to make it more efficient, secure, and user-friendly:

  • Over 25,000 Packages: The expansive library of software packages is one of the cornerstones of pkgsrc, catering to a wide range of needs for developers and system administrators.
  • Significant Performance Enhancements: The pkgin tool has been overhauled, leading to a performance improvement of up to 2,000 times in package upgrades, particularly notable in systems with extensive installations.
  • SmartOS LTS 23.4.0 Images: Integration with the latest Long Term Support images for SmartOS users ensures a stable and secure environment.
  • GCC 13.2.0 as the Default Compiler: This update brings the latest advancements in compiler technology, enhancing overall system performance and diagnostics.
  • Focused on Security: Enhancements such as stack smashing protection in core packages and improved HTTPS certificate validation solidify pkgsrc's commitment to security.

Major Infrastructure Changes:The 2023Q4 release also includes some significant infrastructure changes:

  • Reduced Bootstrap Tarball Size: A leaner bootstrap process is especially beneficial for users with minimal system requirements.
  • Mozilla-rootcerts-openssl Integration: This change automates the certificate update process, simplifying the user experience.
  • Updated Build Platform: The build process has been refined with updates to the build sandboxes, resolving various issues and enhancing package building.

The release of pkgsrc-2023Q4 marks an important milestone in the evolution of this robust package management system. With its vast package repository, enhanced performance, and focus on security and stability, pkgsrc continues to be a critical tool for managing software on Mac, Linux, SmartOS and NetBSD.

Whether you’re managing a complex server environment or simply seeking a reliable package management solution, pkgsrc offers the tools and capabilities to meet a diverse range of needs.

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The complete release notes can be found here.