Triton Transition FAQ

I’m a current support user of Triton and Manta, what happens next?

Your account manager will be reaching out to schedule a time to discuss the acquisition and migration. Generally speaking, not much will change. Your account manager will continue to be your account manager at MNX, and you’ll continue to receive great support. We will provide new support contact details for your Triton support helpdesk and, over time, additional changes surrounding the links to download updates, packages and images will either be provided to you or incorporated into new versions of the software without disruption.

Will our contact information and details about my environment be shared with MNX?

We will coordinate with our customers to onboard with MNX, which will include helpdesk set up, authorized support contact information and environment details. However, we will not be sharing historical ticket information about your environment nor personal information directly with MNX.

I’m an open source user of SmartOS and/or Triton, how does this affect me?

In the short-term, there won’t be an impact. Throughout 2022, there will be some changes to the back end services in support of Triton, such as pkgsrc, images repository, and update/download repositories for new versions. These changes and the configuration steps will require some minor DNS configuration changes in the platform at a later date, but no disruption will occur to your on premises services. Outside of these changes, additional features and general product development will continue, if not accelerate going forward.

How can I get my software ready for the transition? When do I need to take action?

The best thing to do is to stay up to date with Triton releases during the transition process as we transition the product to new domain names. Old domain names will continue to work and be redirected to new domain names to provide a seamless transition. Updates to SmartOS, Triton, and Manta will automatically reconfigure update mechanisms to use new domain names when they are ready.

Where is all of the old content and product information?

All of the product, API and content can now be found at The GitHub repositories will move to

Does this change the licensing?

Triton, SmartOS and all open source licensing will remain unaffected. The End User portal will remain the sole licensed component of our enterprise product and MNX will take ownership of that feature and its corresponding license.

How do I set up support with MNX?

“No actions are necessary for your support to transfer to MNX, however, it will require that you establish a login to their helpdesk and ticketing system. Click here in order to set up your MNX support portal. You may also visit the MNX FAQ or schedule a call with MNX. Contact details for MNX are as follows: Support Phone number: 888-877-7118 Support Email: Support Portal:

Will the development and updates to Triton, Manta and SmartOS continue?

Absolutely!!!! MNX already has plans and will be hiring additional staff to continue building SmartOS, Triton and Manta going forward! Feel free to schedule time with MNX to learn more:

Will my support automatically renew at end of term with MNX?

All of our customers with existing contracts will be transferred to MNX, effective May 1, 2022. However, they may not automatically renew with MNX at the conclusion of the current support term. Customers may have the option between setting up a new MSA directly with MNX for that renewal, or working with your Joyent account manager to determine if an agreement assignment may be appropriate for their needs and legal requirements. We will be flexible with all our customer needs through the transition.

Will the GitHub repositories change?

Yes, starting in April, all Triton related master public GitHub repository ownership will be transferred to

Who will steward the trademarks and related open source sites like, the mailing lists, and IRC?

Going forward, MNX will be the steward of Triton related trademarks and portal license, and Brian, Dan and others will continue to curate IRC, mailing lists and the our SmartOS / Triton related social media.

How long will I continue to receive support directly from Joyent?

Customers will continue to utilize the Joyent support helpdesk through April 30, at which point new support incidents will be sent directly to MNX. We invite customers to reach out or respond to emails during April to prepare for the switch to MNX support on May 1.

Are there any changes to my subscription level or SLA’s?

No, the existing MSA’s you have with Joyent remain in effect and are assigned to MNX. No additional charges or changes apply and you will continue to receive the same SLA’s and coverage through the end of your term. At the end of the term, it will require an updated MSA or Assignment in order to renew your subscription with MNX. it is not anticipated there will be any changes to the support levels, SLA’s, or general pricing framework.

Post written by Joyent Team