Systems We Love comes to Minneapolis

When we put on the inaugural Systems We Love in December, we didn’t really know what to expect. As it turns out, the event was terrific — and now we want to take the show on the road! We are pleased to announce that we’re bringing Systems We Love to Minneapolis on March 16th! The evening event will run for two hours or so, and will have essentially the same format as the San Francisco event: talks of ten or twenty minutes, covering a wide range of systems. Because March 16th is just around the corner, we don’t have too much time — if you are thinking of proposing a talk, the deadline is February 22nd (just a week away!), so don’t delay!

Some coastal types may wonder why Minneapolis is the next city for Systems We Love, and the answer is severalfold. Speaking personally, I have always had great reverence for the legacy of Control Data, a singular company that spawned innovative computers like the CDC-6600, as well as (very) forward-looking systems like PLATO. Not too far away, Rochester was home to the incredible System/38. The legacy of these systems lives on today, not merely in their artifacts, but in spirit: for the Container Summit City Series, we found the Minneapolis meetup to be vigorous and energizing. Not unrelated, Minneapolis is home to two members of the singular Systems We Love program committee, Bridget Kromhout and Patrick Mooney. Both Bridget and Patrick played instrumental roles in the inaugural Systems We Love, so it’s a pleasure to bring the conference that they have helped build to their home city. And in particular, Bridget has worked with Target to allow us to use a terrific space and arranged for further sponsorship from CA Technologies, which allows us to offer the event at no charge. So thank you Bridget, Target, and CA — and very much looking forward to Systems We Love Minneapolis!

Post written by Bryan Cantrill