Summer '16 documentation updates

We're always updating our documentation, but it's worth calling out some of the big changes, including the following recent updates:


The ContainerPilot docs are hugely expanded and now published at We're still working on the full workflow for it, but we really like the idea of keeping the documentation close to the product pages like that. Even better, the content for those docs is public and in the same repo with ContainerPilot itself:

Container Name Service (CNS)

We introduced Triton CNS, our automated and free DNS service integrated with Triton, earlier this year. Now it has its proper place in our documentation at, with a number of sub-pages:

Triton CLI and CloudAPI

The Triton CLI (node-triton) is now the default tool in our documentation for accessing CloudAPI: Triton CLI does not yet duplicate all the features of the old node-smartdc tools it replaces (notably missing: resizing), but it is a far easier tool for everything it does do.

Extra: Hashicorp’s Terraform now gets a page in the docs too:


The Triton CLI tool is also now the default way to configure Docker in With the Triton CLI tool installed, configuring Docker is as easy as eval $(triton env ), and switching back to Docker on your laptop is just eval $(docker-machine env ).

Post written by Casey Bisson