ScaleArc teams with Joyent to help increase SQL availability & performance

We at ScaleArc are thrilled to team up with Joyent, a premier cloud provider of both public and hybrid cloud services, to help our joint customers increase the availability and performance of their cloud-based applications. Joyent’s reputation for its high-performance cloud infrastructure and outstanding customer service make them an ideal partner for helping organizations realize the cost and agility benefits of moving applications to the cloud.

As most DevOps and database administrators quickly discover, poor database performance is typically the root cause of application slowdowns and failures, often resulting in a slow interface or even worse – loss of revenue. And databases are generally regarded as a source of downtime, either planned (e.g., database maintenance/patching) or unplanned. By adding ScaleArc’s database traffic management software to their monthly cloud service, Joyent customers can alleviate database performance and availability issues by taking advantage of our database traffic management features as well our offload capabilities. The result is the ability to seamless scale database transactions while maintaining uptime and peak performance, even for apps that weren’t written for a cloud database environment.

So how does database traffic management software work? It is actually quite simple. ScaleArc software inserts transparently between the database and applications, creating an abstraction layer between the two. As a result, the software automatically redirects traffic flows as needed to ensure continuous app availability and even load distribution, and can handle and scale growth of the database environment without ever having to modify the applications. ScaleArc is available for either SQL Server or MySQL database environments, and customers can get the software up and running in less than 15 minutes, without touching the database or applications.

For companies moving to the cloud, the Joyent-ScaleArc combination means zero downtime for applications during both planned and unplanned outages. Many companies talk about eliminating downtime but ScaleArc’s Auto Failover capability actually enables customers to do away with maintenance windows and avoid application downtime. Our software drops into your existing environment, learns your replication, and directs traffic to the other servers in the cluster when one server is taken down. And because Joyent is focused on cross-data center redundancy, you can even enable failover across multiple data centers (or even Active/Active across data centers).

Plain and simple—the ScaleArc-Joyent combination is the dynamic duo of app availability. With ScaleArc, if your database server fails for any reason, queries will automatically flow to another database, maintaining application availability for all users. Want to find out how to add ScaleArc to your cloud environment? Get more information here.

Post written by Justin Barney, President & CEO, ScaleArc