Brendan Gregg's Talk on Linux at SCaLE 11x

Brendan Gregg will be keynoting at SCaLE 12x - February 21-23, 2014. Register Now.

Linux Performance Analysis and Tools from brendangregg

Our friends at SCaLE invited our lead performance engineer, Brendan Gregg, to speak (again) this year,and he was happy to return.

The talk is about Linux Performance Analysis and Tools: specifically, observability tools and the methodologies to use them. Brendan gave a quick tour of over 20 Linux performance analysis tools, including advanced perf and DTrace for Linux, showing the reasons for using them. He also covered key methodologies, including a summary of the USE Method, to demonstrate best practices in using them effectively. There are many areas of the system that people don't know to check, which are worthwhile to at least know about, especially for serious performance issues where you don't want to leave any stone unturned. These methodologies – and exposure to the toolset – will help you understand why and how to do this. Brendan also introduced a few new of these key performance tuning tools during his presentation.

The standing-room only session was packed with devs, engaged as Brendan revealed his performance tuning tips and tricks. How-to gems like this:

Analysis and tools, Brendan Gregg

The video and slides from his presentation are embedded together above, so you can follow along at home.

Post written by Deirdré Straughan