Joyent + Edgemesh Fireside Chat: Cache Me If You Can

Edgemesh CEO, Jake Loveless and Joyent CTO, Bryan Cantrill join together for a fireside chat to discuss distributed caching at scale, Docker, Node.js, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and more!

Interested in what Bryan and Jake were referencing? Check out the links (with timestamps!) below!

03:58 ACM: Barbarians at the Gateways
06:20 Knight Capital Findings
08:30 Barbarians at the Gate
09:58 Container Summit Sept. 2015 : Wolf of What?
13:05 Edgemesh over a millimeter wave
13:21 European HFT Microwave Links
24:15 The Day After (1983)
26:30 Mystery Science Theater 3000
29:20 The IBC Tote
34:30 Akamai Statistics
56:09 Joyent Manta
57:25 Tom Leighton ACM Article: Improving Performance on the Internet
59:05 Bandwidth Doesn't Matter (much)
1:06:00 #Samsung
1:07:00 WebRTC and STUN
1:09:46 Morgan Stanley Hobbes
1:22:45 "Notation as a Tool for Thought
1:23:02 Arthur Whitney's 1 Page J interpreter
1:25:03 Edgemesh Clean Slate
1:35:17 #Samsung
1:41:30 Cantrill Postgres Vacuum : GOTO 2017
1:44:28 Q for Mortals
1:48:00 Edgemesh Production the First 100 Days

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