Upcoming Changes to Our Cloud Business

Before being acquired by Samsung nearly three years ago, Joyent was perhaps best known for offering public cloud computing — elastic infrastructure at the swipe of a credit card. By providing this easy on-ramp to on-demand cloud infrastructure, we have had the good fortune to work with an amazing array of individuals and companies, big and small.

Beyond the public cloud though, we had also developed a single-tenant cloud offering for cloud-mature, hyperscale users like Samsung, who demand vastly improved cloud costs and a way to have more control over their cloud experience. As that single-tenant cloud business has expanded, the resources required to support it have grown as well, which has led us to a difficult decision: Starting in November, we will be scaling back the availability of the Joyent Public Cloud to customers of our single-tenant cloud offering.

This means our current Joyent Public Cloud customers will need to find a new home and we are committed to working closely with your team over the coming five months to transition your applications and infrastructure as seamlessly as possible. We have a heartfelt sense of responsibility to you, and are immensely grateful for having the privilege to work with so many great companies and individuals over the years.

What’s next?

We are currently working on finding different homes for our on-demand cloud customers, based on their needs. For some that will involve deploying the same open source software that powers the Joyent Public Cloud today in their own datacenter or on a BMaaS provider like SoftLayer with our help and ongoing support.

For those customers that don’t have the level of scale for their own datacenter or to run BMaaS, we have taken the time to evaluate different options to support this transition, and have been hard at work to make the experience as smooth as possible. To that end, we are proud to say that we have many partners working with us to support the transition for customers who wish to move to alternative on-demand clouds. You can learn more about these partnerships here along with additional details of the EOL of Joyent Public Cloud.

To all of our public cloud customers, we will work closely with you over the coming five months to help you transition your applications and infrastructure as seamlessly as possible to their new home. We are truly grateful for your business and the commitment that you have shown us over the years; thank you.

Post written by Steve Tuck