Gartner’s Cloud IaaS Magic Quadrant

Every year, Gartner releases the Cloud IaaS Magic Quadrant, a thorough assessment of the top 15 vendors in a market with hundreds of players. The analysis of each vendor is rigorous and based on an extensive list of criteria, which are detailed in a blog post on Gartner’s site.

We were thrilled to be included in good company in the 2013 Cloud IaaS Magic Quadrant and called out for our “unique vision.” In particular, Gartner noted that we’re “exceptionally innovative from a technology perspective,” calling out SmartOS, DTrace, Manta storage service and Node.js. They also mentioned our strong cost-performance ratio and our focus on real-time cloud native mobile and web applications.

You can read the full report via Gartner and if you’d like to put their analysis to the test, you can sign up for a free trial of the innovative and high performance Joyent Cloud here.

Post written by Rachel Balik