Joyent + Fireside Chat: Indispensable, Disposable Jenkins

Tune into this fireside chat with Mandy Hubbard, Software Engineer for, and Casey Bisson, Director of Product Management for Joyent as they discuss's use of Joyent's ContainerPilot in production to achieve software-defined Jenkins.

Concepts Covered:

  • How Joyent's sample implementation led to automate all their Jenkins configurations
  • Use of ContainerPilot in all of their production Docker containers
  • What is required to achieve quality, and the pitfalls of relying on process and developer discipline
  • How to reduce risks by automating the complete software delivery pipeline with Jenkins
  • The risk of Jenkins becoming a single point of failure
  • How has eliminated that risk by using ContainerPilot to make Jenkins software-defined

Want to learn more? Check out Mandy's blog here!

Post written by Joyent