Mesosphere open-sources DC/OS container orchestration solution

Many of the earliest Docker production success stories were actually running on the open source, dynamic duo of Mesos and Marathon. That combo pioneered cluster management, scheduling, and orchestration of Docker containers. Today, Mesosphere is making that combo even better and easier to use by open sourcing DC/OS, their container orchestration solution based on Mesos, and from which Marathon was born.

Open source DC/OS logo

As fellow Cloud Native Computing Foundation members, we’re excited and pleased to support open source DC/OS, and we congratulate the Mesosphere team and the whole DC/OS community on their hard work making this release happen — we certainly know the effort involved from our own experience.

How Joyent and Mesosphere are working together

Open source DC/OS “just runs” on Triton, our open source data center automation solution that powers our public cloud and private clouds worldwide, and we are committed to maintaining first-class support for DC/OS on Triton. Triton’s hyper-converged compute, network, and storage virtualization are the perfect match for DC/OS’ application orchestration and automation.

We’re also excited to work with Mesosphere on the development of the Autopilot Pattern and ContainerPilot, with DC/OS as a target platform. The Autopilot Pattern is a repeatable approach to building portable, self-operating applications. Autopilot Pattern applications can run on any modern, container-forward cluster+scheduler environment, and DC/OS’ features are a perfect match for the Autopilot Pattern’s requirements. Autopilot Pattern applications can run side-by-side with the sophisticated and powerful application frameworks that are a hallmark of DC/OS, demonstrating the power and value of both.

Give it a spin

Container SolutionsTerraform and Ansible-based cookbook for installing open source DC/OS is ready to go. Container Solutions has developed their share of Mesos frameworks and other solutions within the Mesos ecosystem. Get started with DC/OS and Triton with their Github repo. Their video walkthrough demonstrates the process:

The addition of DC/OS support gives Triton users even more flexibility and choice in how to build their infrastructure and deploy their apps in public and private data centers. DC/OS runs on hardware virtual machines on Triton, alongside bare metal Docker containers and infrastructure containers that Triton also supports.

Post written by Casey Bisson