Updating Joyent’s API tools for Mac OS X El Capitan

Every shiny new OSX release brings with it a bunch of new great things and breaks a few old things. This time our Node.js command-line tools were caught in the collateral damage when Apple updated OpenSSH and LibreSSL. Fortunately it is quick to get everything working again with your SSH keys.

Reinstall the tools to get the fix:

npm install -g smartdc manta

Now is a good time to mention that we have a new tool in beta to replace our original SmartDC client. Introducing the Triton command line tool:

npm install -g triton

For those interested in more background, the breaking change modified defaults for format of the SSH key fingerprints. Originally the fingerprint was an MD5 hash of the key like 50:87:72:54:cb:25:be:fe:d8:c9:16:19:95:93:bf:ab. El Capitan actually made two changes. The first was to prefix the algorithm used for the fingerprint of the key. Our examples becomes MD5:50:87:72:54:cb:25:bf:af:b2:c9:61:19:59:93:fb:ab. The second change switched the algorithm. Finally our example ends up as SHA256:epO6wjANcdXsdLFcigM2cZO8L7fDzofFe8ARtPN/ef0. If you're still curious for more, check out Alex Wilson's SSHPK module that greatly simplifies using SSH keys on Node.js.

Post written by Drew Miller