A New Chapter Begins for Triton and SmartOS

April 11, 2022 - by Joyent Team

Starting on May 1, 2022, an exciting new chapter begins for Triton DataCenter, Manta Object Storage and SmartOS.  

The cloud landscape continues to grow and our role and mission has also shifted again as part of one of the largest consumer technology companies in the world.  We have made new investments in different product sets within the Samsung cloud stack to complement our growing digital lives.  And we’re growing our team.  We continue to appreciate the role of Triton, Manta and SmartOS and still use the technology and contribute within Joyent and at home and we want to ensure this amazing, open source solution is given the chance to grow with the proper investments, passion and stewardship that Joyent has provided these many years.

And so today, we are excited to publicly announce that our long time friends at MNX Solutions will be taking over the Triton DataCenter technology suite and our continued commercial support business with the acquisition to be fully integrated by May 1 2022. While Joyent will no longer be the company behind Triton DataCenter and SmartOS, many of the faces and names known to our customers and community will not change as they join the MNX team, and many still here at Joyent will remain involved in the community.

All of our existing Triton, Manta and SmartOS content and documentation can continue to be found at TritonDatacenter.com and we will continue to link to that site from Joyent.com as we will soon release a new website look and information around our technology mission and strategy so stay tuned!  We have prepared an FAQ for our commercial and open source users to address questions that may come up regarding the transfer to MNX over the coming weeks.  Enterprise customers may also find the MNX FAQ helpful for the support transition.  We will be reaching out to our customers individually to assist with this transition to ensure it is seamless and without any disruption to their best in class support.  

While it will be hard to say goodbye to a product that has been such a big part of many of our careers, it's a very exciting and proud moment for the Triton/SmartOS community and customers as we secure a promising future and a new spark of passion, investment and roadmap plans under the leadership of MNX Solutions.  As for Joyent, the story and innovation will continue.  Having worked with MNX since 2019, we have no doubt that MNX Solutions is the right home for continued development and support of Triton DataCenter and SmartOS, for our customers and user community.  MNX was instrumental in assisting many of our users during our public cloud EOL in 2019.   At MNX.io, users were able to find a Triton-based public cloud option with a SmartOS savvy team that has been in the community for over a decade.  Not only is MNX a very capable operator to support both public and private Triton environments, they also provide professional service offerings for multi-cloud AWS, GCP and Azure users.  

During the month ahead, we will be proactive with all of our customers and users and will communicate across various mediums to ensure the transition is streamlined and non-disruptive to the continued releases, support subscriptions and community engagement.  We are so excited to see what’s ahead for Triton DataCenter and MNX Solutions.

For more information regarding this announcement please feel free to reach out to us at sales@joyent.com if you’re not able to find what you are looking for at the FAQ.  Additionally, customers or potential customers may also contact MNX Solutions at help@mnxsolutions.com and find the MNX FAQ helpful as well.

We wish to send a heartfelt thanks to all of our users, customers and the Joyeurs that have been a part of the Joyent Triton and SmartOS story and will continue to ensure it has a long, prosperous future in the care of MNX Solutions.