Running Triton on Equinix Metal

April 26, 2021 - by Brian Bennett

Joyent Triton is an infrastructure solution built for deployment on hardware, whether that hardware is on premise, co-located in a data center, or on a bare metal cloud solution such as SoftLayer or Equinix Metal. The benefits Triton provides can be had in any of the configurations and can also be a combination of the aforementioned solutions. Bare metal cloud solutions provide hardware on-demand and allow the installation and use of Triton in a scalable, agile environment that enables the use of server hardware without the requirement of a long term agreement. As the bare metal market grows in popularity, the number of available locations has exponentially increased leading to an increasing need for easier ways to manage those resources. To address that need, we have developed a solution for Equinix Metal to quickly install and deploy Triton using the advantages that their bare metal on-demand solution provides.

Today Joyent is introducing Instant Private Clouds. Triton now supports fully-automated installation on bare metal hosting providers, such as Equinix Metal, allowing you to stand up a new private cloud in a matter of minutes.

Creating an Instant Private Cloud with Equinix Metal fully automates requesting appropriate resources such as VLANs and networks needed by Triton as well as provisions and configures a headnode server. The Triton installer runs non-interactively, and when it’s finished you can log in with the SSH keys in your hosting account, where the system is ready for post-install customization.


Using the same automation tools it’s easy to add additional physical servers to expand virtual compute capacity. At long last, physical resources can be elastically allocated, making your cloud truly scalable, on demand.

Joyent also provides managed Instant Private Clouds. This leaves you free from the burden of managing your cloud environment, allows you to pay only for capacity you need, and elastically expand capacity in real time when you need it. All on completely private infrastructure.

For more information on Instant Private Clouds please see the official documentation linked below.

Official documentation for Instant Private Clouds